Different Ways To Use a Nursing Pillow

by MGroup official

Different Ways To Use a Nursing Pillow

If you're soon to be a new mom, you've probably caught onto the hype of nursing pillows. Otherwise known as feeding pillows or breastfeeding pillows, nursing pillows are U-shape pillows that come in a single size. They're designed to provide extra support while you feed your newborn, whether you're exclusively bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or a combination of both.

There are a number of different ways to use a breastfeeding pillow. Some of the best positions to follow are mentioned in the guide below.

Position 1: Pregnancy back support

Baby or no baby, you can use your nursing pillow for your own benefits while you're pregnant! Many moms find that using a nursing pillow to support their back makes it a lot more comfortable to sit up in an office chair or couch for long periods of time. You may also find an innovative way to use the pillow to help you sleep.

Position 2: Hold your baby high during breastfeeding

One of the reasons why mothers struggle when breastfeeding is because the baby doesn't have a proper latch. Without a feeding pillow, you may experience pain from muscle strain of the head, arm or neck. A breastfeeding pillow can be used to bring your baby's head up to ideal height for feeding, supporting your arm and helping you to sit in the perfect position to cradle your little one properly.

Position 3: Protecting a c-section scar

If you've had a c-section, your stomach will be sensitive, and it's important to not put any additional srain on your waist while you're helping baby to find your breast. If you want to safely hold your little one while they're sleeping, simply place a nursing pillow at your front, adjusting the straps to create the right pillow height.

Position 3: Bottle feed support

There's no rule to say you can only use breastfeeding pillows to breastfeed babies. A nursing pillow can help when feeding your baby from a bottle, too. To avoid strain on the muscles in your arms and shoulders, place your baby on a nursing pillow. Your little one will learn to associate the pillow with getting fed, which will help to establish a routine.

Position 4: Preventing reflux

Many babies experience reflux after feeding, which can cause discomfort, pain, and vomiting. If you prop your baby up on your nursing pillow, you can make sure they're comfortable and are less likely to experience milk-related reflux.

Position 5: Support during tummy time

Tummy time isn't fun for many babies. If your little one cries when you lay them on their tummy, you're not alone. A nursing pillow is perfect comfortable support for a baby - just make sure your baby's position on the u-shaped pillow won't cause them to slip off or stop breathing. You should watch your baby at all times while they're lying on your nursing pillow.

Position 6: Supporting sitting

Don't get rid of your nursing pillow as soon as your little one no longer needs your breast! Many women find nursing pillows helpful in helping their baby with sitting, usually around 6 months of age. You can wrap nursing pillow around the side of your baby's body while they're sitting to allow them to strengthen their muscles and prevent them from getting hurt if they fall.