Playpen for Babies and Toddlers - Stars - 70" (1.8m)

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Size: 70" (1.8m)
70" (1.8m)
Color: Stars
Product description
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    Give little ones room to explore! Bamibi’s play pens for babies and toddlers keep them safe from danger — so parents can take time for themselves to relax or get work done!

    Use it at home to give babies a sense of independence as they play or take it on-the-go, too — it can be assembled or disassembled with ease. Made with a sturdy frame and high-quality mesh and oxford cloth, these pens last from the newborn stage through their toddler activities! Trade your baby gates for something safer — each pen has external zippers so they cannot escape, padded corners, and breathable mesh.

    This set comes with the 70” playpen, 2 stand rings, and a carrying case.

    • Let them Explore: Creating a play yard for baby where they can safely enjoy their own space is crucial for early development! Give them a sense of independence with an engaging baby activity center — including a spacious baby play area (70.87” x 70.87” x 26.77”) and rings to help them stand!
    • Install with ease: Our baby play pen is made to last with a strong frame and soft, high-quality star-print fabric. This portable baby playpen also packs into a convenient carrying case for travel — take it apart for on-the-go use.
    • Find your balance: Our baby play yards are designed with breathable grid windows so parents and babies are never out of sight of one another. A safe playpen means finding more free time to get things done!
    • A safe area for baby to play: This playpen comes with reinforcing non-slip suction cups under each corner to keep it sturdy. It also includes padded fabric corners, breathable mesh windows, and zippers that open from the outside so they can’t escape. Keep them away from anything dangerous — while keeping their toys corralled, too!
    • A new parent must-have: New moms and dads — feel confident relying on a quality playpen for babies and toddlers to keep them safe and sound! They’re baby must haves — and make excellent baby shower gifts, too.
  • Material: 300D Oxford Cloth Cover

    Product dimensions (when assembled): 180 x 180 x 68 cm / 70.87” x 70.87” x 26.77”

    Package dimensions: 91 x 22.5 x 24cm / 35.82” x 8.85” x 9.45”

    Weight: 89.6kg / 19.75LB

  • Check that you have all the parts for the playpen prior to assembly including the Safety Instruction Manual and Registration Card. If you are missing any parts, please contact our Customer Service team at +1 (347) 842-0811 or Email on 

  • To register for safety alert and recall purposes, please fill in the online registration form here.

    Please take note of the following product safety instructions:

    Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death.

    • The product, including side rails, must be fully erected prior to use.
    • Top support member must be installed prior to use. Failure to install may result in child falling out of the product.
    • Strings can cause strangulation! NEVER place items with a string around a child’s neck such as hood strings or pacifier cords. NEVER suspend strings over product or attach strings to toys.
    • Discontinue use of the product when child is able to climb out or reaches the height of 35in (890mm)
    • Child can become entrapped and die when improvised netting or covers are placed on top of the product. NEVER add such items to confine the child in product.
    • When child is able to pull to standing position, remove bumper pads, large toys and other objects that could serve as steps for climbing out.
    • NEVER place product near a window where cords from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.
    • Always provide the supervision necessary for the continued safety of your child. When used for playing, NEVER leave child unattended.
    • To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their back to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.
    • NEVER use the product if there are any loose or missing fasteners, loose joints, broken parts or torn mesh/fabric. Check before assembly and periodically during use. Contact us for replacement parts. NEVER substitute parts.
    • Do not place carry bag in the playpen or allow your child to play with it at anytime.
    • NEVER use plastic shipping bags or other plastic film as mattress covers not sold and intended for that purpose. They can cause suffocation.


    • Infants can suffocate
    • In gaps between a mattress too small or too thick and product sides
    • NEVER add a mattress, pillow, comforter or padding to the Playpen
    • Infant may roll into space between pad and loose mesh side causing suffocation
    • Always attach all sides securely. If side pad/rail is not secured, child in play yard/non-full-size crib can lift or shift side pad/rail and get trapped in the frame
    • NEVER leave child in product with side lowered. Be sure side is in raised and locked position whenever child is in the product.
    • Carry bag is not to be stored in or around the playpen.

    To register for safety alert and recall purposes, please fill in the online registration form.

  • FAQs
  • How do I clean the Bambi Playpen?

    The fabric cover of the Playpen can be machine washed cold. However, do not use Bleach and you must line dry the cover. Alternatively, you can spot clean the cover whilst the playpen is assembled.  

    How do I assemble the Bamibi Playpen?

    Please ensure to follow the step-by-step instructions provided with the product to assist in assembling the Playpen. Adult assembly is required. Please ensure to Keep the instruction manual for future reference. 

    What if a part of the Playpen breaks? Can I still use the product?

    If any parts are missing or become broken, please discontinue use immediately. Please reach out to our customer service team right away +1 (347) 842-0811 or email us at who will be able to advise on a suitable solution.

    At what age will a child be able to climb out of the Playpen?

    Please discontinue use of the product when your child reaches the height of 35in (890mm) or when your child shows signs of being able to climb out. As all children grow at different rates, we estimate the Bamibi Playpen can be used from the ages of 6 months until around 24 months, depending on the height of your child. Please ensure you never leave your child unattended in the playpen.