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Frequently asked questions

Bamibi uses exclusively 100% cotton for its covers.
Bamibi’s pillows filling is made of 100% polyester.
We sell pillow covers of every design for each of our products separately so you can purchase it as an individual product on our website.
You can only wash our covers. To remove the cover zip it off off easily, wash it and put it back on the pillow. You can use a washing machine at 30°C and tumble dry it too. We recommend to follow the instructions on the tag for long lasting care. The filling is not washable.
The Pregnancy Pillow includes a big pillow, an inner cushion and a cover for each pillow, both big pillow and inner cushion.
The Breastfeeding Pillow includes the pillow and the cover for the pillow.
No, you can’t. If you are looking for this feature, our Breastfeeding Pillow has an adjustable belt made just for this.
Not at all! Both products have a variety of uses which make them different. Yes, they can both be used for feeding but that isn’t the only function. The Pregnancy Pillow is mostly for mommies, for sleeping, resting, besides all the baby uses. On the other hand the Breastfeeding Pillow has more baby uses, like play-time, learning to sit, and more.
Don’t worry, contact us immediately at XXX, and we will make sure you receive what is missing as soon as possible.
Yes, we accept returns from our customers up to 30 days with the proper refund for your purchase.
Of course! If the product is damaged you need to contact us at XXX, send us a picture and within the next days you will receive a replacement.

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